The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Adovacy for Justice Committee is a cross-community committee formed to carry on the mission and vision of unity that Dr. King stood for.  The committee’s primary focus is to impact the lives of future college students who embody Dr. King’s work by selecting King Scholars from a pool of local high school seniors and awarding them with a $1,000/year for 4 years ‘Living the Dream’ scholarship to use at a college of their choice.

Who receives the MLK Jr. Living The Dream Scholarship?

Every year 6-12 high school seniors from Urbana-Champaign receive this scholarship.  The recipients are chosen based on their scholarship and a personal essay showing their commitment to living the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. All applicants have demonstrated financial need.

Where do the MLK Jr. Living the Dream Scholarship recipeints choose to go to college?

The scholarship recipients go to top colleges all over the country.  Many recipients go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, but other choose schools such as: Tougaloo, University of Arkansas, Georgia State, Illinois Wesleyen, Clark University, Millikin, Michigan State, Quincy, Depaw University, the University of Missouri and other fine institutions.

How is the Scholarship funded?

The scholarships are funded by tax deductible donations given by churches, synagogues, businesses, families and individuals who care about education and who want to help low income students from Champaign-Urbana public schools.